8 Common Eyeliner Mistakes You Don't Realize, You Were Making

There is a saying that your eyes speak a lot more than your words and hence eyes are the most beautiful part of a woman. Women would often go for eye makeup to enhance the beauty of their eyes. One of the important aspects of eye makeup is ‘eyeliner’, which gives a deep look to eyes. For many women eye makeup is not complete without eyeliner. Yet there are some common mistakes you might have been making with eyeliner, take a look

Applying Eyeliner Without Primer

The purpose of primer is to even out the skin tone on eyelids and thus they form an important part of eye makeup. If you are applying eyeliner without primer, then it’s wrong, you must apply primer on the base of eye lid, this will give a smooth base for eyeliner and will keep your eyeliner smudge proof.

Giving Your Eyes A panda Look

Some women like to apply eyeliner below the eyes too, but remember this will only make you look like a racoon or a pandas. Avoid doing this, as looks to heavy and harsh.

Not Using A Right Technique

If you are not sure on how to use eyeliner properly, then do not apply it just randomly. Use scotch tape, place a small piece scotch tape on eye lid and apply eyeliner and get perfect eye winged eyeliner shape.

Using Curlers

One of the common mistakes while applying eyeliner is that women end up using curler after applying the eyeliner, however this smudge the eyeliner and give a uneven look to your eyes. Hence, use eye curler before applying liner, this will make it easier for you to use eyeliner.


Another important aspect of using eyeliner is blending it well to bring out a natural and complete look in your eyes.

Dried Out Eyeliners

Never use a dried out eyeliner for your eyes as this will not give a smooth finish, and will appear too light on eyes. Ensure that your eyeliner is wet and not too old.

Lash Lines

If you are leaving a gap between your upper eyeliner and lash line, fill it up by gently lifting up the eyelash underneath and fill the gaps gently.

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is meant for eyelids only, do apply it on under eye lashes as this gives a heavy look. Instead use a eye pencil to complete the look.