Hey You, Future Mom! You Are Sleeping Wrong, This Is The Correct Sleeping Position During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings a joy to the mother to be which she cherishes all through her life. Pregnancy also comes with little hurdles in your daily activities. When it comes to sleep during this time, it becomes struggle for most women to find comfortable position to sleep. At this point of time regular sleep positions don’t work. You will feel the discomfort and have aches in body which will make it more difficult for you the find right posture to sleep. Before you realise, you might end up having over 10 pillows on bed to adjust your sleep position. Keeping all these troubles in mind, experts suggest best sleeping position to give you sound sleep, scroll over to find more:

Sleeping On Your Tummy

Sleeping on your tummy during pregnancy is fine only till first 2 to 3 months. In the early stages of pregnancy your baby is down in the uterus in the pelvis. As the baby continues to grow, the uterus also grows and it stretches and by this time sleeping on tummy is quite challenging.

Sleeping On your Back

During pregnancy, sleeping on your back may not be dangerous but it is like sleeping with a watermelon on your spine. As the baby grows sleeping on back becomes extremely less comfortable. It can lead to several health issues like backaches, muscle aches, indigestion, drop in blood pressure, drop in blood circulation to you and your baby. This happens due to the fact that when sleep on your back, your abdomen exerts more pressure on intestines and blood vessels. This makes sleeping on your back unsuitable during pregnancy.

Why You Feel Uncomfortable In Your Sleeping Positions

Pregnancy brings in a lot of changes in your body both internally and externally. These changes affect your every day sleep pattern. The reasons behind discomfort is the increase in abdomen size, indigestion, back aches, shortness of breath. These reasons make it difficult for woman to sleep properly.

What Position Do Women Adopt

Experts suggest that during pregnancy the best position to sleep on side, often called as SOS position. The better side would be sleep on your left side. Sleeping on left side increases the blood flow and allows the nutrients to reach the foetus and uterus. Sleeping on left side enhances your kidney functions and helps you to eliminate waste and fluids from the body which means less swelling in your ankles, hands and feet. To sleep comfortable, you must keep a pillow in between your legs and keep your legs in bent position. To handle your backaches, sleep in SOS position and place a pillow under your abdomen. To combat indigestion at night, prop up your upper body by keeping a pillow. Another common issue during this time is shortness of breath, to deal with this, try to lie on your side and use some support or use a pillow. These tricks may sound impractical but during this as explained above sleeping on your back or tummy are practically impossible and not safe. You may not be able to sleep in one side for all night long and thus it is suggested to turn to your other every few hours. Remember it will take time for you and your body to get used to sleep in SOS position. Ensure to keep plenty of pillows around your to make your sleep comfortable. You should practice this position in the first trimester of pregnancy so that you will be able to sleep better when your tummy grows.