6 of The Best Hairstyles For Men, Trust Me... You Should Love It

If it's been a long time since you changed your look, maybe it's time to get a new haircut soon. We should always keep experimenting with the way we look in order to keep the boredom away from our lives. It really helps in rejuvenating us and many times, we want to stick to the trends. Of course, we don't want to get the oldies look at all. Here are new hairstyles.

The prohibition high and tight.

1920’s Prohibition High-and-Tight has made a huge comeback now. It encompasses both trendy and masculine look. Tom Hardy looks amazing in it. It works well if your hair is straight, no matter fine, thick or medium. You need to ask your barber to keep the sides as short as possible, and fade hair shorter into the nape of your neck and sideburns. At least an inch and a half should be left on the top and the edges should be blunt.

The mainstream hipster.

Guys who want to go a bit edgy are preferring this kind of hairstyle. Surprisingly, it works with men of all ages as even Justin Bieber and David Beckham have tried this look. You can try it if your hair are straight to wavy, fine to medium but do not bother if they are thick or curly. Make sure your barber leaves at least three inches on top to build up the pomp. Side length can also range from short to medium, depending on your style.

The James Dean

This style has body and pomp, but is enough clean to carry to the office. It is both relaxed, yet stylish look. Don't try it if your hair is straight, but can get this cut if they are curly or wavy. The health of hair should be medium to thick as well, but not very fine. Ensure that the sides are at a medium length with top to side ratio 2:1 and blended.

The Let it Grow.

The old look of Ashton Kutcher is back again. The length can go past your shoulders and it would make you look attractive. This look goes well with straight, medium, or thick hair but not with fine. You might need to just sit and wait for your hair to grow for 8 weeks at least!

The Flow and Comb

Professionals will love to get this haircut as it is a less mean than the slicked-back businessman. It will give you a neat and clean look. Avoid it if you have curly or wavy hair but be willing to get the cut if they are straight, and fine to thick. Ensure that your barber give you a classic square cut.

The Caesar

This look which appeared in the Caesar was seen last on Russel Crow but, now the charming Gerard Butler is supporting it. If you are a low-maintenance man, the look will be great for you. Try it if you hair are straight to wavy, fine to thick, but avoid if they are too textured. Your hair need to be cut evenly on the sides and short length at top.