You Have Been Drinking Water Wrong Your Entire Life And It Is Affecting Your Health

Water gets splashed in the stomach wall on consumption in standing position.

When you consume water while standing, it flows down the gut and splashes on the stomach wall. The sudden water splash can harm the stomach wall, surrounding organs and whole gastrointestinal tract. Long term practice may even disrupt the functioning of digestive system.

Filtration of water from kidneys is affected on consumption in standing position.

Due to insufficient filtration, impurities might gather in bladder, kidneys or blood thereby causing kidney damage and urinary tract disorders.

Arthritis is caused due to long term practice of drinking water in standing position.

The consumption of water in standing position disturbs the balance of body fluids and causes excess accumulation of fluids in the joints thereby causing arthritis.

It is mentioned in Ayurveda that water must be consumed slowly in small sips.

Drinking water slowly while sitting helps the body to dilute the acid levels by mixing the optimum amount of water in the body.

Drinking water while standing doesn't fully quench your thirst.

There is no harm in drinking water while standing sometimes but long term practice can cause severe health problems. Share this information with everyone you care. Loved this? Spread it out then Share on Facebook PDF