6 Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

While the system required in the laser treatment is normally hazard free, there may be some reactions of laser hair expulsion to consider:

Laser hair removal can also give you undesired results.

The utilization of a laser to expel undesirable hair includes a great deal of warmth to consume the hair. This can prompt skin consumes in a few clients. The laser hair evacuation consumes happens all the more as often as possible on patients with darker skin, as skin with darker shades ingest the laser all the more promptly. While in many occurrences the consumes are gentle, there have been various situations where serious consumes have been accounted for.

Hyper pigmentation.

Laser may bring about hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation.

1. Hyper pigmentation is obscuring of the skin that may happen after the laser hair evacuation. The laser treatment fortifies melanin generation making a response like suntan.

2. Hypo pigmentation then again alludes to the helping of skin that happens after the laser treatment. The retention of laser light can hinder the melanin creation, prompting lost shade.

Eye wounds.

It may likewise prompt eye wounds, so it is critical to ensure your eyes amid the procedure of laser treatment.


Tingling is an ordinary reaction of laser hair expulsion amid and after the treatment.

Red skin.

The skin turns red for a couple days taking after the treatment and there is probably going to swell around the follicle after the treatment.

Common symptoms after laser treatment.

Torment, shivering and deadness around the treated region by the laser are presumably the most well-known symptoms that can be viewed as ordinary.

Source: 6 Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment