These Dogs Look EXACTLY Like Humans and We Don’t Know How To Feel About It

They say that, over time, dogs start to look like their owners. Or owners look like their dogs. (I honestly can’t remember which way that goes.)

As you’ll see, at some point, dogs can look a little TOO much like people. Sometimes the result resembles a creepy stuffed animal. Other times it looks like a human put on a dog suit.

In a few of the pics below, the dog’s FACE even looks human, which is…unsettling to say the least.

In the future, let’s make sure our dogs look and act like dogs. We humans will take care of acting like people.

Cool? Cool.

That’s how a person would watch TV…if they had a hangover and two broken legs.

“Rub my shoulders. They’re sore.”

How did it pull the covers up? Freaky.

“Two drinks, eh? It’s 12:45 in the damn morning, PETER!”

I’m not saying that dog needs to be tickled, but…*nods*


…and then lived through civil unrest in eastern Europe.

“Do my paws feel dry? They’re dry. Get lotion.”

It appears God may have gotten a few parts mixed up here.

This dog looks like it just had its third divorce and is about to have its job replaced by software.

There’s too much humanity in that dog’s eyes. Put a blindfold on it or something.

That dog’s either being modest with its right arm or doing something very IMMODEST with it.

How does that dog know the “sleeping girl Instagram selfie” pose?

“We’re gonna miss you, Marie. You were a damn fine owner and know the door’s always open if you’d like to return.”