This Adult Actress To Be A Part Of The Kapil Sharma Show Team Now!

The Kapil Sharma Show has been going southwards since the infamous fall-out amongst the team. Sunil, Chandan and Ali Asgar are looking to launch a new comedy show while Kapil has not been able to keep up the high TRPs as the team and scripts have seen a sharp dip in quality. The audience is not finding the punch lines as funny as earlier.

However, Kapil is a strong guy; he has reached this stage after decade long struggle on various comedy channels and would, hopefully, come out victorious from the current mess.

There are some latest reports which suggest that a new member is being introduced to the Kapil’s family and you would be shocked to know the name of that new member. Her name is Monica Castelino and she is a famous adult movie star. In fact, she has a number of raunchy movies to her credit, including Men Not Allowed and Kama Sundri.

According to me, it is a very risky move by Kapil. One major reason for TKSS being accepted by the mass market is its appeal as a family show. It is very different from other contemporary comedy shows which depend heavily on double meaning dialogues and vulgar references. Kapil has been able to create a niche wherein the cast has been able to create funny scripts on back of the quirky characters.

With, the raunchy girl entering the scene; the family audiences might want to move away from TKSS leading to further decline in the TRPs. They might even stop watching the show after the entry of the new girl.

According to some speculations, Monica would be positioned as the team’s glamor girl, but her acceptance by the audience will define the road ahead for the show. It looks very difficult to fill the vaccum which has been created by the absence of Ali, Sunil and Chandan.

Best of luck Kapil with the new experiment!