Different Types of Eyebrows And How To Shape Them Perfectly

How you shape your eyebrow should depend upon two things: the natural shape of your eyebrow and the shape of your face. When you thread or tweeze your eyebrows, these are the two very important factors to take into consideration.

Here Is The List Of Different Eyebrow Shapes

Thick Eyebrows

If you have very thick eyebrows, it is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because you can shape it beautifully to suit your face and a curse because thick eyebrows tend to grow really fast. So a monthly threading session just won’t do. You need to keep a pair of tweezers handy to pluck out any strays. People with thick eyebrows should invest in some clear mascara that can be used to keep the eyebrow intact. If you have nice thick eyebrows, then you just have to concentrate on getting rid of the extra hair, while sticking to the natural curve of your eyebrows. Thick eyebrows are all the rage now, so don’t thin it out by threading. Go bold and look fabulous.

Thin Eyeborws

If you have thin eyebrows then tweezing is your best option. Just pluck out the extras, while refraining from shaping your brows too much. We don’t want to pluck out more hairs than necessary. For a fuller look, you can make use of eyebrow pencils or even eyebrow powders for a more natural look. If you have thin eyebrows then refrain from going for a highly arched look as that might not look too good for thin brows.

Flat Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are flat, you can still make them look good. The key is to keep the gap between your brows a little wide. You don’t want your brows to be too close to each other as this will only make the flaw more obvious. So make sure you thread in between your brows to make it look wide apart. You can ask your beautician to give you a slight curve towards the outer end of your eyebrows. Look at how pretty Ileana D-Cruz looks. Notice how flat her eyebrows are? But she’s made it work for her.

Arched Eyebrows

If you have highly arched eyebrows, then great! You can work with the natural arch to either make it look nice and curved or give it a high point and make it look edgy. This totally depends on your comfort level. Here are two celebrities who have high arched eyebrows shapes.


If you have a unibrow, you can either flaunt it proudly or get it threaded off. Whichever option you choose, a unibrow should be well maintained to look good. One celebrity that immediately comes to mind when you think of a unibrow is Kajol. While she sported a thicker brow in the 90’s, she has now moved on to a more sophisticated and subtle unibrow look that we totally dig. Check it out, now that’s how you rock a unibrow. It is all about keeping it subtle and not too in-your-face.