What Happen During Physical Act of Love in Human Body?

When seen through an MRI machine, physical acts of love are seen a bit differently. Regular acts like speaking, swallowing, kissing, digesting and even love act when looked under  eyes of MRI, it looks different.Here is a video by  John and Lissette which tells all the differences. As we all know, human body has different hormones which get worked up when you are close to someone, right? 

The whole process explained in MRI scan.

MRI scan tells all the details which take place inside one's body when initiating love. It suggests there is not really an end or beginning to each phase of love and isn't as continuous.

Simultaneous consummation

The video explained how there are four phases: excitement, plateau, pleasure and resolution. Both men and women go through all the phases but men go withing fifteen minutes while it could take more time for women.


After the excitement phase comes plateau, in which the male parts become erect and female parts swell, which depicts they are now craving for love. Breathing and pulse rate also increase, according to the MRI reports.

Phase 3: Erethism

It is the shortest but the most pleasurable phase. IT last only for a few seconds in both men and women. The muscles of the uterus are also seen contracting quite noticeably.

Last phase is resolution.

In the last, when body has to return to its resting place, it could take a few minutes. In women, it takes longer time than it does in men. The lady parts take time to return to their normal state. If you understand the process, you will be able to enjoy doing it even more.