If You Masturbates,You Need To Read This ASAP

It's the term you all must be well aware of and it is no shame accepting that almost every guy in the world have done this practice at least once. Rubbing your organ by hand in order to get pleasurable feeling doesn’t mean that it is an unhealthy practice. But excess of this practice doesn’t make any good for your health. Read the inside story to know those 8 signs that indicate you’re doing it too much!

No Gain, Only Pain

The starting sign is that you’re doing it to the extent of harming yourself. There’s no good number to tell you how many times you can do it in a day, but if you keep going till the point you cause self-injury, you need to tone it down a little.

The Constant Need

It becomes a never ending need; you’ll develop constant need to do it, even after you’ve already done. You feel a compulsive need to do it successively.

Preference Over Getting Laid

At times you prefer it over making love. You better enjoy seeking pleasure all alone. You’ve perfected the art to a level where nothing satisfies you more than your own hand.

Difficulty While Love Making

This is probably because you’re not giving sufficient time to your body to replenish before you do it again.

Multiple Partners

You may have been involved with multiple love partners and you never feel satisfied after love-making. a reason that you’ve been using your hand a little too much.

It’s Connection To Your Hair

Excess of it will lead to hair loss. Guys, that’s not the only reason for hair loss, but if you’ve noticed sudden hair loss, you should avoid it.

It’s Never The Last Shot

A single practice isn’t enough for you. You’ve developed a habit of doing it multiple times in a same night. If you find yourself awake till late at night, you just will never miss the chance of going for the last shot.