Carmen From 'Spy Kids' Then Vs Now. 16 Years Later.. She Looks Hotter Than Selena Gomez

Do you remember the classic kid film series Spy Kids? Well, the original film came out over 16 years ago and spawned two sequels, one of which was in 3D, but do you remember the actress that played the little girl? Carmen Cortez? Well, let's just say that Alexa Vega is not so little anymore. In fact, she's a freaking bombshell, and we doubt that even Antonio Banderas, who played her dad in the film would recognize her if they walked past each other on the streets, but he would definitely notice how cute she looks today. We guarantee that you'll swear that the girl Alexa was then versus the woman she is now are two different people.

Miami, Florida-native, Alexa Vega was known for her role in the

She played Carmen Cortez, alongside Antonio Banderas, but of course, this is what she looked like back in 2001 when the first film was released.

Vega spent the first four years of her life on a ranch in Ocala, Florida.

She later moved with her family to California, where she'd eventually wind up proverbially cementing her feet in Hollywood.

She's the perfect blending of good genes, which allowed her to grow into a beautiful young woman.

Her dad is of Colombian heritage, while her mom, Gina Rue, is a former American model. But Vega isn't an only child. She also has six siblings, which include her sister Makenzie Vega, who is also an actress.

Jump twelve years into the future and you'll find that Vega is no longer a little girl.

She's actually a bombshell who was totally rocking this red dress back in 2013. Doesn't she look amazing? Damn, how time flies!

For those of you who have never seen the original

The plot revolves around two married spies who are forced to tell their kids about what they really do, but that's when they're kidnapped by diabolical kid's show host Fegan Floop. Forcing Vega and her movie brother to go rescue their parents.

Vega's character Carmen and her on-screen sibling Juni are thrown into spy training.

Together they're able to do the impossible, and that includes putting their sibling rivalry aside, in order to rescue their parents, and they pull it off in the end.

Vega was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her performance in the film.

It actually looked like the young starlet had a promising career ahead of her. She certainly grew up and embraced all the qualities that make for a beautiful movie star or a model.

So what has Vega been up to since her

Well, brace yourself, because we guarantee you that you won't even recognize her. She's the ultimate babe on the red carpet!

As she grew older, Vegas appeared in a number of other film projects too.

You've probably seen here and there in movies like "Sleepover", "Innocent", and "Broken Hill". But clearly, she's all grown up, especially in this all too revealing top where she's showing off her navel.

One look at Vega now and you'll be screaming

Vega is definitely not the little girl we fell in love with back in 2001. Just look at her sporting a backless dress during an MTV event. She rocks!

Alright, so her color coordination is a little off with her top and bottom swimsuit.

But who cares? She's spraining quite a few necks as everyone turns their heads to follow her wherever she goes.

It's safe to say that her Hollywood roles have changed quite a bit over the years.

So you won't find her starring in any silly kids movie anymore. Yes! She's shed her inner child and like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, she's now a beautiful woman from head to toe.

She doesn't mind if you drool over her, after all, who could blame you?

But don't get any ideas cause she's off the market. Alexa married Sean Covel in 2010 and later divorced him in 2012. But then she remarried in 2014 to a man named Carlos Pena Jr. So hopefully this one sticks and she gets her happily ever after.

Recently, Vega has taken her talents from the big screen to the small screen.

She's landed recurring roles on popular television shows like "The Mentalist" and "Nashville" and we're bound to see her in a whole lot more projects in the near future.

Vega isn't just a pretty face or a former child actress either.

She's also a singer. After giving it a shot while filming "Spy Kids", Vega has continued to sing ever since.

She's even done a little reality TV, but thankfully, not on the Real Housewives.

Back in 2015, Vega competed on "Dancing With The Stars" and we're fairly certain that the ratings skyrocketed during her season.

Did you know that she asked

Yup! When she was 16, she asked Rodriguez for a Range Rover so she could drive her four sisters around and put a surfboard on top, and you know what he did? He got it for her!

She's not just a pretty face though, she's very intellectual.

Vega loves to read books about history, particularly related to the French Revolution which is her favorite.

It's safe to say that

The film was nominated for several awards, which isn't bad for a kid's movie. But it was Alexa Vega, who played Carmen Cortez, who stood out above all the other cast members and became a hit.

It's hard to imagine Vega doing anything other than being in the Hollywood spotlight.

But do you know what she'd be doing if she were just like one of us? She'd be a neonatal nurse, which is something she would also strongly consider if she gave up Hollywood.

Child stars are often entrenched in the memories of fans as the characters they portrayed.

These iconic and popular roles can often make it difficult for these young actors to break out into new roles years later, but Alexa Vega has managed to gain tremendous success and force a lucrative career as an adult.

You probably didn't know that Vega does all of her own stunts too.

Whenever you watch "Spy Kids" and see the character Carmen Cortez doing something death-defying, you can thank Vega for her athletic ability, bravery and talent. This is a skill that will surely win her many other roles in the future.

She has a YouTube channel vlog where she often shows her pride in her faith.

As a devout Christian, she has stated that her religion is the most important thing in her life. Her Instagram posts, which announced the birth of her son were filled with praises to God. But on her channel, she often mentions her devotional Word of Wisdom.

Given that she's been a successful actress since she was a teen, her net worth is equally impressive.

Currently, her net worth is $12.5 million. She could probably live off of royalties from the "Spy Kids" movies, but she's also married to a film producer, so we doubt that she'll be struggling financially or jumping off a cliff out of poverty or desperation.

Of course, she's also overcome a lot of personal struggles as well.

In a time when most child actors turn their lives into a car wreck, Vega managed to overcome bulimia and the ruthless scrutiny of Hollywood's beauty standards. She's even jumped out of an airplane to raise money to fight against s.. trafficking. So it looks like she's a hero in real life too.