16 Things Every Girl Wishes A Guy Would Do On Their ‘First Night’ Together

Dating is not easy! Anyone who has ever tried their hand at dating knows this to be true. The first step is to actually get the date…after that you have to figure out how to act, what to say, what to do, where to take the girl, etc. It’s hard stuff!

While dating has been made somewhat easier with online dating becoming the new thing and with apps like Tinder, it’s still not a piece of cake. There is still a lot to learn and nobody is an exception to that. Fortunately, while the internet brought us online dating, it has also given us a ton of tips that can help make the process easier.

If you’re a guy and you are reading this, you will probably thank us later for all of the info you are about to get. If you’re a girl, get ready to applaud, shout amen, and thank us for getting this info out there for all of those men you’ll someday end up dating.

So, here is everything a girl wishes a guy would do for her on a first date/and night together. These tips will save your dating life, and you’ll be wondering how you ever dated without knowing them. Ready?

Let’s face it…if you guys are going to have a first night together, you may want to make it through your first day to start…if you flop the date, we can almost guarantee you will not get to experience that “first night.” Take our advice and get to know the girl ahead of time. What do we mean by this?

Find out what she likes to do. If you just automatically assume every girl will enjoy an all-day outdoor date, you will likely end up with the girl who hates the outdoors, leading to a crappy first date. It’s not difficult…just ask your date a few questions prior to deciding what you two will do together. Also, give her a heads up on what she should wear, so she doesn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable!

Compliment her! Girls love to be complimented. Most girls spend at least a little time preparing for a first date, whether it’s getting her makeup just right, fixing her hair, or picking out the perfect thing to wear. By complimenting her appearance (and personality), you will likely have a successful date.Save that first kiss for later. Starting out with a kiss or going in for it too soon can be a total turn off. This will make the girl you are dating assume the only reason you are even there is to make it to the “first night.” Don’t make this mistake. Also, it’s always nice to ask the girl if you can kiss her first.

Ask her questions. The worst date ever is when you feel like the person you are with only wants to talk about himself. Sure, it’s fine to share things about you as well, but it should be a two-way street. Both of you should be asking questions and getting to know each other. This will also show her that you care and are interested in her.

Now, if you manage to make it to the first night…you’ll need some tips for the bedroom as well. For starters, the last thing you should do is go for it right away. Be slow and steady…it’s a marathon not a race.

Start the night out with just kissing. Kiss your girl slowly and passionately so you can build up the passion and intimacy slowly. Trust us, this is our number one tip. If you start out with anything else, you will likely be going home pretty soon.Second, be sure you set the mood. There are actually many ways you can do this to make it a romantic thing. For starters, you could turn on some music that both of you like. Also, lighting a few candles doesn’t hurt anything. Another way to set the mood is to open a bottle of wine and have a glass or two. This will also help both of you relax and get in the mood.

Make her laugh. That first night doesn’t have to stay awkward or uncomfortable. By embracing the fact that it is awkward and uncomfortable at first and laughing about it, you will lighten the mood in a positive way. It’s no fun if you are both stressed and nervous the whole time. Laughter is key to having a great first night.

Relax. The worst thing ever is when a guy is tense and nervous on the first night. The best way to make it a great experience is to relax and stay calm. Showing nerves will only make her nervous…and two nervous people on their first night never ends well.

After the two of you start kissing and it starts building, begin caressing her body. Don’t just go for the obvious areas…take it nice and slow to make it more enjoyable for both of you. After all, what’s the rush, right?Avoid doing anything that is too extreme or off the wall. For example, if you are into kinky stuff, it’s probably not the ideal time to bring out your handcuffs and whips. Let’s leave the Fifty Shades Of Grey stuff for another time, shall we?

If you are confident and know you have a lot of amazing moves to show off in the bedroom, take it slow. Don’t bring them all out on the first night because then what will you have left to show off later? Save some excitement for next time.

Communicate. The absolute worst thing you can do on your first night together is be silent and not speak up when you want to. The best advice for having a great s.. life is to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. If you do this, we guarantee you will have a great time!

Know that having s.. is not necessarily a binding contract between two people. While some people have higher standards when it comes to sleeping together and relationships, others have a more casual outlook on it. It’s best to make sure you both agree on your views of sleeping together before you do it. Why, you ask?If you don’t, one of you may think the two of you are now in a committed relationship because you slept together, while the other person may think it’s no big deal and isn’t planning to take things any further. Again, this is where honesty and communication come in. Your girl will definitely appreciate this.

Try not to overstay your welcome. Just because the two of you slept together doesn’t mean you are welcome to stay there all night. Pick up on the vibes that are being sent out the best you can. If you feel like she wants you to stay, do it! If you have a feeling you are about to be shooed out, it’s probably in your best interest to go ahead and make your exit in a polite way. Remember…

Just because she wants you to leave for the night doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy the evening…and it also doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to do it again. Remember that women are different from men. Sometimes, women need their space when it comes to things like “the first night.”

Be considerate and respectful of her decisions and wishes. If she doesn’t want to do something that you would like to try, respect that for now. Hopefully, if things work out, you’ll get a chance to try again and there will be a “second night” to look forward to.These are our best tips for making the first night as amazing as possible! Best of luck with your future partner.