8 Questions to Ask Your Partner If You Want a Hotter Sex Life

We’ve seen it happen many times. Relationships start off by being hot and passionate! You’re getting it on almost every night (and everywhere). However, as time passes by, things get stagnant. The [email protected]# isn’t the way it used to be, there’s no passion…no spark. Things have become stagnant.

Exploring new positions and styles might seem like a good idea to heat up the flames in bed, or maybe try using one of the many “toys” that you’ve heard about. BUT before you do that, it might be useful to have a one on one “Q&A” session with your significant other. Instead of asking newbie questions like “What’s your favorite position?”, try asking (and answering) the following [email protected]#ologist-approved questions designed to turn up the heat!


Knowing what kind of tools your partner uses to stimulate themselves can give you valuable insight on how to pleasure each other. Emily Morse PhD and host of the [email protected]# with Emily podcast, compares this to a “road map” to pleasure. Morse suggests that couples engage in mutual masturbation so they can learn the best way to get each other off. Who knows, it might even be a huge turn on for your partner!


Not all dreams come true, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop dreaming. Talking to your partner about a [email protected]#ual fantasy can still be advantageous even though it might not happen in real life. Take a menage a trois (a.k.a: threesome) for example. Finding out the specifics like, who they have in mind, what the atmosphere is, the positions they might try, can help you act it out with just you and your partner. According to Morse, this can actually be safer and waaaay hotter than the real thing!


Before you can have the best [email protected]# of your lives, you have to set a definition of your expectations. Have the “what gets you turned on” conversation with your partner is a great way to set a starting point. Knowing what you’re doing works better than trial and error!


This question has different reactions. It can give panic attacks to some persons. However, it really turns on some others. For them, dirty talk is essential for a good foreplay. You have to discuss it with your partner whether he/she likes dirty talking or not. Mutual understanding is essential for saving yourself from any awkward situation.


This might be one of the most important things that you could ask your partner. A large amount of men like a stronger, massage-like touch, while most women look for long strokes and a gentle hand. It is important to know how a person likes to get touched in different spots on their body. Knowing the way your partner likes to be touched (in both erogenous and non-erogenous areas) is a key for a better [email protected]#y time!


Sometimes, what you have in mind might be completely different from what your partner had in their minds. Your partner might be in the mood for something slow and romantic, while you might be thinking of something more adventurous. It’s important that both partners are on the same wavelength when it comes to great [email protected]#. Letting your partner know straight up what you’re in the mood for allows them to prepare properly. Most times, women are scared of asking for what they want, but many men are more than happy to play along.


Men might think that using a [email protected]# toy is an insult to their “member”, however it is a lesser known fact (to men) that women need more than vaginal intercourse to reach climax. The best thing to do is talk to him and explain that toys are a great way of spicing things up in bed. Who knows, maybe he’ll enjoy it as well.


This is similar to question number 4. Making a mental map of your “Touch me here” spots and sharing it with your partner when having [email protected]# can be extremely “beneficial” for both parties involved. Just tell them what you want, and enjoy.