Alright Now! Countess Vaughn Shows Off Her New Body In Tiny Two-Piece Bikini

Actress/singer, Countess Vaughn, has made it no secret that she’s been having issues with her weight throughout the years. Although we, here at ILOSM, dig Countess regardless of if she’s a thick, voluptuous, curvy woman…or if she’s a few sizes smaller, Countess has been taking steps to get to the size she personally desires to be, and ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Most of us recall Countess being a little thicker in recent years, during her appearance on the reality show, Hollywood Divas, where she also revealed she had a thyroid problem. Her under-active thyroid dramatically slowed down her metabolism, making it almost impossible for her to lose weight if she so chose to.

Fast forward to today, and Countess posted a new photo of her newly toned up body, with the caption: “I can finally wear my two piece.” She looked beautiful in her make-up free pic too, check it out below…

I can finally wear my two piece

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Countess’ Bikini Body

It’s been a long road for Countess’ weight loss journey. In 2015, after years of struggling to lose weight, she decided to undergo liposuction on national TV, during an airing of Hollywood Divas. At that time, she’d dropped from a size 16, to a size 10 and was very pleased with her results:

Via People: “I’ve always been honest about everything. […] I wanted to do a mommy makeover. I had done it after my oldest child. I really needed to just treat myself, and I’m happy about it!” -Countess Vaughn

Guys I want to be on TV movies I go on auditions I'm just on my thing in the studio

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She also revealed how she still has to work to keep her weight off, because the surgery was just a boost, but not a permanent fix:

Via People: “I watch what I eat, and I’m into snacking now,” [Countess] says. “I used to just eat maybe once or twice [a day] – breakfast and then dinner, maybe skip lunch. But now I try to snack, have some nuts, have some yogurt. […] I’ve been working out and taking care of me so I can have energy for my kids and work. I put my music on and I just walk for 30 to 45 minutes. I’m very appreciative now that my body is responding to the workouts and the diet, so I just have to keep on moving.” Vaughn says the best part of her weight loss transformation is “just being happy. I feel better and I feel healthier.”

Looking good Ms. Vaughn!