Guy Cheating With Military Soldier’s Wife Gets Destroyed With These Brutal Text Messages

One of the great things about texts that go viral is that you learn how normal people interact when faced with different situations. If you’ve ever wondered how someone would handle talking about a sensitive subject, seeing a series of texts can be quite illuminating. And let’s face it; these viral texts can also be hilarious.

There’s nothing quite as delicious as feeling as if you’re eavesdropping on a private conversation that isn’t supposed to be public. You get to see people at their most honest, raw and often, insulting best. And it can shed light on just what boundaries people have or don’t have when it comes to their private lives.

But every now and then, you get viral texts that aren’t just about hilarity, but have something deeper to say about the human condition. These texts you are about to see on the next few pages are unique, because they aren’t just about getting laughs, they’re about forcing immoral people to look at what they’re doing. And they’re also about that old beast of justice known as “karma.”

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So as you can see in this opening round of texts, the person who texts in gray, who we will call Gray Texter, is asking his friend, who we will cal Blue Texter for some advice. You see it seems as if Gray Texter has just enlisted, and he’s not sure he and his new girl have a future. Blue Texter assumes that the reason his friend is having second thoughts is because he’s going into the military. He tells Gray Texter to give his new girl a chance to get used to the idea.

But lo and behold, Gray Texter’s concerns are not what you or Blue Texter thinks. Not at all. You see, Gray Texter is worried because the girl he’s seeing is a married woman whose husband is serving in Afghanistan, and he’s not sure she’ll remain faithful once he enlists. Unpredictably, Blue Texter doesn’t give his friend any support. In fact, he tells him to walk into traffic and basically die. And he calls him a ‘Jody,’ which is slang for dudes who enjoy the good life while courageous men enlist and fight wars. It’s basically the deadliest insult you can give to a person who just enlisted in the military. But here’s the thing. Gray Texter has no idea he’s been insulted or even what a ‘Jody’ means.

So you know things are about to get even more interesting, right? Blue Texter lays his trap expertly by rationally discussing the issue. He outlines the problems that Gray Texter is having in a logical way. Gray Texter tries to rationalize by writing, “yeah I know it sounds bad but the heart wants what the heart wants.” What a dumb answer. But Blue Texter is laying a subtle but powerful trap, and asks his friend if he’s spoken to any recruiters yet.

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Blue Texter continues laying his trap by asking his friend for the exact recruiting station where he enlisted. After Gray Texter provides this information, Blue Texter writes that he has to cut short the texting session, but will get back to his friend a little later. Gray Texter has no idea what his friend is up to, and still believes they are ‘boys,’ and tight. And then the session resumes, and we learn that Blue Texter sent screen shots of his and Gray Texter’s “discussion” to the person who recruited Gray Texter. Whoa!

Gray Texter is incensed that his friend sold him out and calls him some choice words. Blue Texter responds that his friend doesn’t belong in the military, not while he’s cheating with a married woman whose husband is risking his life serving in Afghanistan. Gray Texter responds that military spouses are um, immoral, and questions whether Blue Texter’s kids are his own (implying that Blue Texter’s wife is cheating on him).

The duo got back and forth, and Blue Texter taunts his friend that he will never be able to enlist. Not after his recruiter knows that he’s sleeping with a married woman whose husband is a soldier. Gray Texter responds that the military may be out, but that he will still sleep with married woman whose husbands are soldiers. Blue Texter then lays down another hammer, and tells his friend that he has one more trick up his sleeve.

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So it turns out that Blue Texter found Gray Texter’s father’s Facebook profile. And he’s going to send screen shots of their text session so that Gray Texter’s father, who happens to be a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant can know just what kind of son he raised. As you can see, Gray Texter has no response to this, because uh, it appears as if he abandoned the session to go warn his father.

Not to be outdone, these next series of texts involving people cheating are pretty damn interesting as well. In this first one below, Dad should probably have checked who he was texting before revealing his indiscretions to one of his children. Who promptly takes advantage of Dad’s giant whoops to ask for a flat-screen TV, Xbox and a subscription to an adult website. Oh, the door lock is a nice touch, right?

File this next one under, “Don’t cheat in the same neighborhood where you live.” Green Texter already knows Gray Texter’s present location, but wants to test Gray Texter’s honesty. So the set up question of “what are you doing” is a pretty basic trap. Gray Texter thinks everything is cool, until the final text “in the club standing behind you” arrives, and then it’s trouble.

Some of these texts are so ridiculous it makes you wonder if people can get any dumber. Yep, they can, so just keep clicking.

So this next text is an example of why this guy needs to find a new girlfriend. He sends out an innocent text wondering where his girl is, and some anonymous person responds, “she is busy.” Fair enough, but the inquiring dude has to know more, so he asks what his girl is doing and is told she is with her boyfriend in another room. Since uh, the person texting is also her boyfriend, something is amiss. The anonymous person’s last text is a classic.

And there’s always the awkward, “I sent a breakup text to the wrong girlfriend.” This person sends a text to a loved one, saying things aren’t working anymore and it’s over. Then promptly realizes the text was sent to the wrong person. And then realizes deeper trouble awaits since there should be no “other person.” Ouch.

Poor Mark Smith. He thinks the baby that his wife announces on text is his, and he’s delighted with the idea of becoming a new father. Then his wife drops the bombshell that she thinks she’s actually texted Peter. Who’s Peter? That would be Mark’s brother. Discuss the possible ramifications of this news.

Man…talk about awkward!