Triana’s Got More Curves Than A Kardashian

Are You Man (or Woman) Enough for Triana?

Are You Man (or Woman) Enough for Triana?

Triana Leigh’s curves will make your head spin. The tattooed bombshell tagged us on an Instagram post, and we were instantly hooked by her sensual curves and her seductively beautiful bluish gray eyes. When she’s not making onlookers’ hearts pump out of their chests, Triana is working as a highly-skilled make up artist, as well as covering her own body in awesome tattoos, which are done by artists like Agui Espinoza.

She’ll Brighten Up Your Day

We’ve put together a photo gallery of Triana, so that you too will become hypnotized by this gorgeously curvy, tattooed temptress.

Who Can Say No to that Beautiful Face?

What’s On Tap?

Let’s Roll Around Together

Little Hot Inked Devil

One Hit And You’re Hooked

Summertime Fine

Rockin’ Like a Rolling Stone

We Love Her Curves