16 Insanely Hot Photos of Scarlett Johansson You Need to See

Besides magazine covers, Scarlett started landing advertisements with some of the world’s best companies, like Louis Vuitton. This ad captured just how sexy and gorgeous she is.

Not only is she stunning in films and photoshoots, but this woman knows how to rock a red carpet. She always accentuates her gorgeous curves, and always is the focus of every single camera.

SERIOUSLY? AGAIN?! But the thing about her boobs is that they are so obviously natural. She don’t need those fake AF implants, she is all natural and all perfect. And look at that side smirk. Makes you weak at the knees.

And then she put on a black lacy push-up bra and the world was never the same. Honestly, this photo is so beyond ridiculous. That pose, with that hair, and that arched back and facial expression. She looks like a old school pinup girl, and it’s unreal.

This woman really has a talent for lounging on thing and looking unreal. Like if us normal folks were lounging around we’d be covered in tomato sauce, amirite?! No? Just me? Okay forget it. BUT LOOK AT THAT WOMAN.

So Scarlett.. thank you. Thank you for being absolutely perfect. We look forward to more wonderful movies and sexy photos in the future. YOU ARE A GODDESS.

The role she might be most known for is that of the Black Widow in the Iron Man, Avengers, and Captain America franchises. She kicks major a** and looks drop dead sexy throughout the films. This role is part of why she is such a sex icon.

How does a facial expression change a person’s whole face? She can go from looking like a smoldering seductress to an angelic girl next door natural beauty. HOW YOU DO THAT GURL?!?

Seriously?!? Who has legs like that?!? And good golly that smile?! She doesn’t smile enough in photos. Maybe it’s ’cause she’s pegged as the sexy smouldering type, but thank god the occasional photographer captures her radiant smile.

Like, holy moly, those boobs! They are enough to turn any woman gay. She is the epitome of body goals. Hold on, I’m just gonna sit here and stare for a while….

And then here she is like nbd just hanging on a bed looking sexy AF but you can’t be here ’cause you’ll never have me or be me! Sucks for you! JK we know you ain’t really like that gurl. But srsly, that angry face is unbelievably hawt!

And even in seemingly casual attire, she is beyond sexy. Sure, perhaps cause her yabos are showing again, like, can she contain those things?!? Are hearts can’t take it! She is just perfect.

This is Scarlett Johansson. She is one of the hottest (if not the hottest) woman on planet earth. And it’s really not hard to see why people feel that way. From her face to her bod, she is a wonder to behold.

And then she’s laying down on a bed-like lounge chair thing? Really what is she laying on? But who gives a f*ck, ’cause look at her!! In a bathing suit, looking like a Greek Siren lounging on a rock.

Seriously, every dress this woman looks like Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. Her breasts are probably one of her most well known assets.

YES! FINALLY! A break from her boobs! One more boob shot and I’d sign up for implants right then and there. But there is so much to look at when it comes to Scar-Jo. Like, check out dem legs for days!