Why Do Men Go Down On Women? 12 Men Reveal All

Love is a give and take. It's all about balance. And if you feel like you're not getting your fair share, ladies, then maybe it's time to reconsider your prospects. Because guess what? There are plenty of men out there who absolutely love going down on their ladies.

We found 12 men to tell us why. Each willingly shares a different compelling reason they have for wanting to pleasure their ladies. It certainly is refreshing to hear men speak up about this, that's for sure!

Up To The Challenge

25 year old Fred says that when he performs oral on his girlfriend, it's all about the challenge.

'For me, performing oral is just another challenge, like getting an A on a math test or scoring in soccer. The challenge is to give her pleasure, and I never disappoint.'

Wowzas. Sounds like Fred's girlfriend is a lucky lady.

It Makes Her Happy

For 30-year-old boyfriend Trent, going down on his special lady is all about the way she acts afterwards. "I find my girlfriend is much more relaxed and happy after I go down on her. That means she's willing to cook breakfast for me or even give me a massage."

Returning The Favor

For 37-year-old Trevor, going down on his girl is all about what he gets in return: "I find that if I go down on my girlfriend, she's more likely to return the favor and perform oral on me. We both get satisfied, and that's a great thing."

Making Her Less Shy

27-year-old Aaron talks about the use of oral to convert shy girls into maniacs in bed: "I love to take a shy girl and show her what I can do with my oral skills. Slowly but surely, I bring out her wild side, and she becomes much more adventurous in bed as a result."

Her Sound

Garrett, a 25-year-old boyfriend reveals that the sound she makes while he's performing oral on her is enough to make him get butterflies: "For me, the reason I give her oral is to hear those wonderful sounds she makes when she's deep in the throes of passion."


For 23-year-old Will, it's all about the level of control he's able to exert over his girlfriend by using oral: "I love to go down on her, and it's for one simple reason: when I'm servicing her down there, she is like putty in my hands, I am controlling her completely."

When She Takes Control

Another man, 25-year-Carl, reveals that for him, giving oral is all about the feeling of servitude he gets: "I love the fact that when I'm going down on her, I feel like she's in control, and I'm merely her subservient servant. I like getting bossed around."

Just Science

Another man, aged 22 Frank, reveals that for him, giving her oral comes with unexpected benefits: "Not many guys know this but giving her oral pleasure will relax her massively. What does this mean for me? She stops nagging me about things and whining to me."

Keep Her Loyal

Another man, aged 34 Fred, says that oral is a great way for him to keep her loyal: "I like to give my woman as much oral pleasure as I can. That way, she's totally satisfied and isn't going to go looking for pleasure from another man's arms."

His Problem

Another man, aged 25 Terry, reveals that he gives her oral because of an embarrassing problem: "I don't really have much of a choice but to give her oral. You see, I'm not capable of giving her an orgasm through making love, so this is how I have to please her."

He's Famous For It

Another guy named George who is 36, reveals that he has his reputation to consider when it comes to oral: "When I was a teen I started dating my sister's friend. Word got out that I was super good at going down on her, so then all the girls starting lining up to get the experience too."

Strengthens The Bond

Another man, aged 27 John, says that he loves the feeling of intimacy he gets from oral. "I love performing oral on my girl because it's so romantic. It lets her know that I care about her pleasure too, and that strengthens our entire relationship."