Marnie Simpson Sparks Anger With

Marnie Simpson has sparked anger with her comments about her weight just hours after confessing to a problem with body dysmorphia.

The Geordie Shore star took to Twitter to slam her own appearance despite telling the Loose Women panel yesterday that she had a mental health problem with the way she looks.

She told her followers late last night: "How did I get this fat I honestly think it's the fattest I've felt in a long time.

"I blame @ mtvgeordieshore feeding us kebabs every night," she added.

The Geordie babe had hours previously admitted to still suffering with body dysmorphia

Marnie said she's the

Her fans were unimpressed with her comments, with one telling her: "Oh god why do you skinny girls who gain 0.5Ibs call themselves FAT?!?"

Another wrote: "Fat ???? Are you for real ?"

Others were quick to reassure their idol that she was in no way fat, although one cynically suggested she was only posting the comments so she could release "a fitness regime that girls will pay out their BACK for".

The reality star blamed cruell trolls for sparking her weight problem

Just hours before her controversial tweet, Marnie had appeared on Loose Women with her mum to talk about her new autobiography - which her mum had found hard to read.

Marnie in April 2017

The Geordie babe blamed MTV for feeding her greasy kebabs

She blamed cruel trolls for triggering the body dysmorphia, saying she had plenty of confidence before she put herself in the public eye.

"The Geordie girls get the harsh brunt of it which is why I think so many of us have gone down the surgery route," she added.