Fat Cutter Drink, Deep Weight Loss In 7 Days

Here is a Fat Cutter deep weight loss drink without Honey which will help you lose weight in just one week. No Diet or Exercise is needed. Please try this remedy and share with your family and friends too.

Fat burning is critical to weight loss. The liver is the organ that is essential for fat burning. Studies have found that when the liver gets damaged, detoxification process reduces.


• Cinnamon/Dalchini – 1 stick

• Ginger/Adrak – 1n 1/2 inch

• Turmeric/Haldi Powder – 1 tsp

• Black Pepper/Kali Mirch – 1 tsp

• Water – 1 glass

Turmeric detoxifies your liver and protects against cell damage caused due to environmental pollutants, attack from free radicals etc. Turmeric extracts also lower blood cholesterol levels – especially LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Thermogenesis is a process that takes place when fat is burned by the central nervous system in order to maintain body temperature.


• Boil water in a pan.

• Add all other ingredients in it.

• Let it boil for 1-2 minutes.

• Strain this tea out and consume.

• You can take it both warm or cold.

• Consume it early morning everyday.

• You can also store it in fridge.