10 Times When Girls Have Set The Bar For The Most Epic Fail. #7 Is Too Hilarious!

They say a woman’s work is never done. Since there’s some truth to that, Watch your there must be some bloopers of their so called work going wrong. Take a look at these epic women and all their fails. The fail is strong with these ones.

The Only Thing Out Of Sync In This Picture Is Their Facial Expression

Epic Parking Fails. Got Stuck In The Mud.

What Is She Doing With The Hockey Stick? Scratching Her Back? This Picture Doesn’t Even Make Any Sense!

I Don’t Care What You Say But This Woman Looks Perfect Even When She’s Falling.

Here We See Two Proud Women Standing Next To Their Achievement.

Those Implants Are Getting In The Way.

You Had One Job!

She Just Became Watered

Let Me Just Get My Milk On.

She Must Be Used To That.