World’s TOP 10 Scary GIFs Which Can Give You Goosebumps!

Some of us believe in occultism and some of us completely reject such theories. You must have come across a lot of ghost stories on the Internet. People narrating their encounter with supernatural powers can easily send chills down our spines.

These people strongly believe in the other world. There are many superstitions surrounding these theories. Even a bounty of movies has been made based on true incidents. Watching those scary things onscreen, we feel extremely frightened, so we can easily imagine what it would be like to experience such things in reality.

Here are some of the scary gifs taken from movies. Caution: Not for the weak hearted!

1. She is coming to get you!

2. What if you witness a human crawling like a lizard on the wall?

3. Something’s creepy going on in here! That devilish soul is always around you lurking from the shadows

4. Just a blink of an eye and you are caught by a ghost

5. It won’t come out in the open or in the light

6. Did you notice something in the dark?

7. hi...Guys!


8.wake up and run


9. Run for your life girl!