Watch This Interesting Game-Show Hostess Remove Her Cloth On Life TV.

Everyone has the right to dress however they like. If a girl is wearing something that she thinks looks good on them, where's the problem with that? It's only the frustrated or the jealous who would label them a streetwalker. On the other hand, there seems to be a growing trend of taking underwear off in public.

This particular woman is an actual hostess on a television show, and for whatever reason, she chose to take her underwear off on live television to get men's blood pressure up and women's blood boiling. But when you're trying to get lots of attention, how far is too far?

These guys seem to be laughing, but most of them are probably afraid to stand up.

She started out by teasing the camera and the other presenters with a sensual dance to heat things up.

There were other programs similar to this one where unexpected things happened.

It was like the show had suddenly turned into a brothel or a strip club, and panties were sliding down like butter on warm toast.

While the video has been reposted several times over the last few years, guys are still drooling over it.

It seems that the hostess was simply looking to prove how squeaky clean her undies were, making us wonder if she'd came prepared, because those panties were immaculate!

Ladies, for the record, you don't really have to go to these extremes to prove anything.

This isn't the kind of thing that happens on Jimmy Kimmel, or he'd have better ratings.

The first girl is Daniela Crudu and she was on Playboy Romania, and as you can tell, she leaves very little to the imagination, and you're simply left wondering if her mom and dad are even alive and watching this at home.

She danced like you'd expect a mermaid to swim under the sea.

Meanwhile the music playing in the background turned the set into what felt like the ambience of a gentlemen's club.

But why should one guy get to have all the fun?

The presenter decided to share his good fortune by using the black panties as a slingshot to send it to the man whom we assume is the DJ.

Oddly enough, the DJ doesn't seem to be very interested in the hostess or the panties.

That's okay, because by this point the hostess has moved on, and as the presenter takes a seat on the couch, the woman decides to sit on his lap.

Oh, how cute, she wants to sit on daddy's lap. Does she want a spanking too?

The presenter then puts his arms under her legs and picks her up, which startles the hostess a bit, but not for the reasons you think.

After all this, she's afraid of showing off her coochie in front of the cameras.

It sounds to us like she should have thought about this about 30 seconds earlier when she was taking off her panties.

OMG! You probably never expected to watch this on Live TV.

But it happened! Deal with it. It's actually quite common if you visit Romania to find this happen on a "sin" show called "Un Show Pacatos" on a channel called Antena 1 from Mondays through Fridays at 11:00 pm. But damn, we never saw anything this crazy on "The Letterman Show."