The Sad Truth Of Instagram Vs Real Life

Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. You will find people constantly posting updates and uploading pictures on Instagram. However, these can’t really be trusted. With the advent of hashtags and multiple filters, the actual pictures no longer matter, what matters is how the pictures look on Instagram and other sites after adding the filters.

If you still don’t believe us that Instagram pictures are completely different from the real world, take a look at the pictures below, which prove that we are not wrong.

1. Zoom can completely change the picture

2. No one can wake up like that, that’s literally impossible.

3. That looks kinda dangerous, isn’t it?

4. Instagram filters can become the difference between a depressing picture and a cheerful one.

5. Everything is a lie!

6. Even Bieber is in this!

7. Who sleeps like that?

8. I don’t know what to trust anymore!

So what’s the conclusion? Any picture that you view on Instagram is filtered and had a stark difference with the real world.