15 Hilarious Parents Who Will Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Cry

Parents can be funny…and these photos are proof of that! Like this hilarious mom who decided she would reenact the live cam footage of April the giraffe as she is laboring to give birth to her baby…

All parents want their kids to look just like them, right? Well, this dad took things to a new level of crazy, clearly desperately wanting to prove the resemblance. So funny.

The mom who shared her food crisis about her daughter and this “sexy” carrot. Apparently, her daughter would not touch it because it had “legs”. Honestly? I don’t think I’d touch it either.

The mom who didn’t think through how she was holding her balloons. We wonder if anyone ended up telling her?

This clever mom who invented the ultimate life hack. Wear swim goggles while you chop up onions and you won’t cry anymore. Like, seriously why didn’t I think of that?

The dad who basically ruined prom for his daughter. Well, he ruined the photos at least. Talk about a pretty awesome photobomb though. This dad has skills! So funny!

When your kid’s school has crazy hair day for what feels like ten times a year…you have to get creative. We think this mom basically owns crazy hair day now with this unique donut invention.

This hilarious selfie dad is still cracking us up as he recaptures his daughters funniest selfies. We don’t think she was trying to be funny though. He deserves an award for this.

The dad who had too much time on his hands and obviously realized his daughter looks just like a kiwi. This is why dads shouldn’t be left at home alone with their kids. We are kidding, but really!

This mom was not playin’ around. When her kid asked for a urinal cake as a joke for his birthday…she delivered. We are sure he regretted this birthday wish for sure.

This clever mom who got REALLY creative when it came to raising money for a breast cancer fundraiser. I mean, I couldn’t have thought of that. So hilarious!

Do we have to say it again? Dad joke at its finest…looks like this funny dad had a little TOO much fun with this bag of chips. Gotta love it!

The hilarious parent who was possibly a used car salesman at some point in their life who wrote this hysterical note when giving away their child’s toy. We can’t handle it!

Sometimes you just have to be really blunt when you tell someone how much they mean to you. Like these hilarious parents who did not hold back when they gave their daughter her birthday cake.

Again, you’ve gotta love dad jokes. This dad made every dad in the universe proud when he delivered the dad-est dad joke of all time. Check out this quarter pounder…