11 Famous Celebs Who Forgot To Shave… #9 Will Make Your Eyes Bleed!

We imagine celebrities to be these perfect, flawless individuals. Many of them are role models to people all around the world. Their very public life and high position on the social platform is the reason why we tend to forget that they aren’t perfect either.
The photoshoots and glam squad may fool us at times, but they can’t keep the look up 24/7. Check out these 11 celebrities who are living proof that nobody is perfect!

11. Drew Barrymore: Back in the 90’s, many people refused to conform to the idealized and unrealistic image of female beauty. Drew Barrymore was one of the first to stand against gender expectations,

Nobody is perfect, not even the glorified celebrities we see in everyday life. These magazine covers have tricked us all into thinking that our favorite stars look perfect every second of every day.

And sure, it may be a lot easier to do so with quite literally a whole glam squad behind you 24/7. Helping you get ready, advising you on what to wear, what not to wear, etc. However, you shouldn’t need a team of people to remind you about one of the most important aspects of hygiene: shaving.

10. Beyonce: This picture of Queen B displaying some armpit hair is clear evidence that even royalty can’t be perfect.

You’d think shaving regularly would be common sense for anyone who makes a living based largely on their appearance, but plenty of high-profile people have managed to forget to take a razor to the parts of their body that need it most before going out in public. Here are some of the worst examples.

9. Miley Cyrus: Here’s Miley displaying her hairy pits, loud and proud. She’s the free bird all of us wish to be.

8. Madonna: To those who think that the pit hair is a case of forgotten shaving… you may be wrong! Here’s Madonna showing off her natural hair. Loud and proud!

7. Cara Delevingne: Public service announcement! Women get mustaches too, and it up to them whether they want to remove it or not!

6. Jessica Alba: Sometime low cut it sexy, but cut too low and sometimes you may reveal more than you want… like your pubic hair.

5. Selena Gomez: Even Sel has made that mistake. But we’re not here to judge… it’s all about embracing the natural state of your body.

4. Tyra Banks: Even Tyra Banks, well-known model, has stepped out into the public a couple of times with the stache on display.

3. Julia Roberts: Even Julia Roberts, better known for her flawless act in Pretty Woman, has let the ‘pretty’ slip up once in a while.

2. Britney Spears: The best thing about Britney is that she doesn’t care about what other people think. You do you, Britney!

1. Mo’nique: This one is a little harder to adjust to, and it can make you a little uncomfortable… but it is what it is.