This Simple Homemade Hair Mask Is The Secret Behind Silky Smooth Hair.

Soft, silky hair is every girl’s dream.But hectic city life, traffic pollutants and stress ruins the beauty of the hair.But don’t worry to get back natural softness and shine to the hair, you don’t have to buy expensive products or spend heavily at salons.Just you have to grab a few basic ingredients from the kitchen and you are ready to transform your dull, damaged hair into gorgeously silky, smooth and super shiny hair.

Life changing ingredients that you need to use are:

Olive oil (2 tbsp.)

Curd (4 tbsp.)

Lemon juice (1 tbsp.)

Egg (1 normal size)

Easy preparation

As always the preparation for this hair pack is also simplified and easy. You just have to take a glass bowl (medium size) and add the egg in it. While using the egg you have to keep one thing in mind. If you have oily hairs then only use egg white, on the contrary if you have dry hair then only use egg yolk. This mask would help you in getting smooth hair naturally.


Simply take the mixture on your fingers and apply the paste on your hair. The paste should cover your hair from roots to tips. Also cover your scalp to nourish your follicle. Your dream of getting smooth hair at home is going to true in next couple of minutes. Let the mask be on your hair for 20 minutes.The mask would provide freshness to your hair. It would make them soft and silky. Along with this you would get perfectly nourished hair.


Rinse with normal water using your regular shampoo. You would come to notice your glossy and luxurious hair. However, don’t go on the words and see the stunning results with your own eyes.