Two weeks to go until biggest dog meat festival starts! 10, 000 dogs to be boiled alive!

This is the busiest time of the year of Chinese dog meat traders: thousands of dogs are rounded off the streets from all over the country and shipped to the southern city of Yulin, where the infamous dog eating festival will start, according to plan, on June 21st, to mark the Summer Solstice – a very special day in the Chinese calendar.Just recently, the Humane Society International announced that local authorities have imposed a ban on the dog meat consumption, but the news has sadly proven to be false.According to the alleged ban, dog  meat traders would have received over $10, 000 in fines for selling dog meat and all their supplies would have been seized.

But authorities have announced there are no plans to keep the festival out of Yulin and traders and vendors cannot wait for the event to commence.Estimates indicate that over 10, 000 dogs will be skinned or boiled alive and cooked in just a matter of days, all in the name of culinary tradition. The dogs involved are either strays or stolen pets - grieving owners will never get to see their beloved pets alive. Their plight is so hard to describe in words: crammed in tiny crates, they face a long, harrowing journey to Yulin. Many dogs do not survive the trip itself. For those that are still alive, the nightmare is just starting to unfold: locals believe that the more the dogs suffer, the better the meat tastes (because the rush of adrenaline tends to soften the meat).

Placed in cages on the side of the road, customers have the possibility of chosing their meal themselves (a move that also ensures the freshness of the meat).Activists have announced they will be on the ground, patroling the streets in an attempt to rescue as many dogs as possible. However, without a controlled intervention from the authorities, rescuing all dogs will prove to be impossible.Celebrities such as comedian Ricky Gervais and actor Matt Damon have joined the campaign to oppose this inhumane event.Please take action now and voice your support for a ban on this year’s dog meat festival in Yulin, China. Signing and sharing this petition is crucial, we must make one final push to save thousands of innocent dogs – they don’t deserve to die!

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A customer is inspecting a puppy before ordering some dog meat.

Thousands of dogs are rounded off the streets, crammed in trucks and shipped to Yulin.

Over 10, 000 dogs are expected to be eaten at this year's edition of the Yulin festival.

Their suffering is really hard to describe in words.

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