The 13 Hottest Pictures of Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

This is Gal Gadot. If you can’t tell from just looking at her, she is drop dead gorgeous. She’s so gorgeous in fact that..

.. she was Miss Israel in 2004. She then went on to the Miss Universe pageant that year, but lost. Oh well, it still worked out for her. You know why?

Because now she’s FREAKING WONDER WOMAN. Like.. just look at her! Not only is she still stunning, but she looks like a bad ass mofo.

She’s already played Wonder Woman.. in the recent Batman franchise with Ben Affleck. She definitely exhibited her acting prowess, but you’ve seen her in other roles..

She was in the Fast and Furious franchise, and appeared in 3 of the films as the bad ass girl Gisele. She basically stole every scene she was in..

Especially this ICONIC scene. Remember when they’re scouting a bad guy and she just takes off her sarong and saunters over and gets his finger print? BAD. ASS.

I think this woman only plays bad asses. It’s possible due to her two year stint in the Israeli army. But here she is in Keeping Up With The Joneses, playing a secret agent.

And then, of course, she’s at her most bad ass as the iconic Wonder Woman. Seriously, no one could have played this role better than her. She’s perfect.

It takes a certain level of strength, poise, confidence, and beauty to be able to pull off Wonder Woman, and this babe does it effortlessly.

It’s due in large part to the hard work she puts in to staying fit AF. This girl works hard, and it really shows. SHE SO FIT.

Like, JUST LOOK AT THAT BODY!! And her body hasn’t changed that much in the 10+ years since she was in the Miss Universe pageant.

And then, there it is again in that ICONIC scene from Fast 5. So iconic that I just had to bring it up again. LOOK AT THAT BAD ASS SEXY STRUT. YAS QUEEN.

But besides being a bad ass with a rockin’ bod, this woman is drop dead gorgeous. Seriously, just look at that face! She’s perfect.