Kaley Cuoco Gave Us A Serious Case Of Morning Wood

#1. When in Red...

Kaley is perhaps at her drop-dead coolest.

#2. Did Someone Say Beach Bod?

We would like to show her our Big Bang Theory, if you catch our drift....

#3. She Is Beautiful

But she also knows how to tease, which is an art in itself.

#4. Blue Steel?

More like hazel titanium. Think she can coin that name? She should....

#5. She's Not a Big Fan of Clothing

And we are a fan of her apparent boycott of anything but half-tattered articles of female wear.

#6. Is That Custom?

Because it fits Kaley's ample frame to a T.

#7. Oh Mama!

Kaley, Kaley, Kaley. Why do you do this to us?