7 Ways to Be a Better Kisser

Kissing is one of the most romantic forms of showing love, and passion. Kissing is a great way to communicate what cannot be spoken in words but proven through action. Kiss seems like a very simple act that involves two people however it’s an art. This act of passion defines love and desire for one another.

The intensity of the kisses that lovers share is beyond words. Kissing happens to differ from a country to country and if you happen to kiss your lover in same manner every time, chances are it will become a dull moment for both of you. Take a look at these kissing forms and spice up your love life:

French Kiss

This is considered to be King of kisses and all teens aspire to kiss this way. One needs to master the game of tongue

French-Canadian Kiss

The French-Canadians are gentlemen, they ask politely for a kiss.

Chinese Kiss

Chinese show equality in all forms and kiss everyone equally.

Russian Kiss

Russia is cold,so it makes sense the Russian Kiss involves long processo with ice cube.

Australian Kiss

Wow, now that’s diversifying the target, it’s one hell of a kiss.

North Korean Kiss

North Koreans brag about everything including kisses

Japanese Kiss

Let the tentacles of love wrap around you