Here’s How to Get Perfect Beachy Waves!

Some people are born with perfect hair & natural curls & if you had not born with perfect hair & natural curls, unfortunately, but no worries by using some methods you can make some curls in your hair that will look like as natural as you have ever wanted. Here are few tricks explained here that will definitely help you in curling your hair also give your hair beachy look.

You Will Require

texturing product


optional: blow dryer with diffuser attachment

optional: curling iron


Before doing anything else, wash your hair with gentle shampoo to eliminate extra oil & for great curling & then towel dry it (don’t use dryer).

Now part your hair for as you do for curling method & then apply curl improving mousse from root to tip.

Now take little parts of your hair & set them in buns & use bobby pins to adjust them.

After drying them well use a curling iron to raise your natural curls.

Take shores of your hair & wrap them around the heated curling iron handling it vertically. After wrapping the coast hold it there for few seconds & then set free it. If you didn’t get curls look natural to take a strand & straighten it & set free it.

After all, this moves your finger in your hair to divide the strands & use hairspray to arrange your hair.