8 Easy Step By Step Eyeliner Tutorials For Beginners – Makeup Tutorials

Eyeliner is one of our favorite items of makeup – whether you’re looking for a more relaxed and low maintenance day look or a dramatic and daring evening style, eyeliner is the perfect finishing touch which ties your look together from top to bottom. We’ve gathered some fantastic step by step eyeliner tutorials for beginners to help you get the perfect look with your eyeliner, every single time.

Step By Step Eyeliner Tutorials For Beginners- Chunky Winged Eyeliner

Start by drawing a line diagonally from the other corner of the eye towards the eyebrow – this will give you the perfect flick. Then, create the chunky flick by working backwards from the tip of your new line back to the eyelid, creating a black triangle as pictured in step 3. Carry the line on towards the inner corner, fill in any gaps et voila – the perfect chunky winged eyeliner.

Easy Step By Step Eyeliner Tutorials For Beginners – Subtle Flick with Brown Crease

Start by working a natural shade of brown into the crease, to create a gorgeous shadow. Then sweep a shimmery neutral shade over the lid, blending the shades together. From the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, work your eyeliner closely to your lash line to create a subtle eyeliner look. A slight flick at the end will seal the deal.

Subtle Smokey Eye with Flick – Step By Step Eyeliner Tutorials For Green Eyes

This look is perfect for light eyes! Start by creating a triangle, from the crease of the eyelid to the eyebrow, and back towards the outer corner of the eye. Gently fill this corner with a light brown shade. Sweep a golden colour across the lid and blend outwards for a subtle smokey look. Finish the look with a thick eyeliner line, starting an inch in from the inner lash line and working towards a flick which aligns with the eyebrow.

Thick and Dramatic Eyeliner – Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

This gorgeous look is thick, dramatic and simply perfect for a night out! Start by drawing a long flick which lines from the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow. Create the chunky flick by bringing that line back towards the eyelid at your chosen width. Work this line right towards the inner corner, and fill it in to create this amazing dramatic style.

Graduating Black Eyeliner Flick – Step By Step Eye Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

This gorgeous and thick graduating eyeliner is just perfect for a day to day look. Start with the thick. Draw a thin line pointing diagonally from the outer corner of the eye. Gradually thicken the line towards the inner corner of the eye to create this super stylish graduated style. Go back over the gaps with your eyeliner to create a seamless black line.

Natural Winged Eyeliner Look – Step By Step Eyeliner Tutorial

This is another gorgeous natural eyeliner look which is perfect on its own or on top of a wonderful smokey eye. Start from the middle of the eye and draw a line towards the outer corner, hugging the lash line. Finish with a subtle flick which points up towards the end of the eyebrow. Bring the flick back towards the eye, and use your eyeliner to finish the look by dragging the line to the inner corner and colouring in the gaps.

Black and Emerald Eyeliner Look – Simple Step By Step Eyeliner Tutorials For Beginners

This amazing look is a colourful twist to a traditional eyeliner look, and is just perfect for an evening out or a special occasion! Start by working a glittery neutral eyeshadow into a subtle and light brown, bending outwards to the outer corner and creating a natural smokey eye. Use your black eyeliner to drag a line from the inner to outer corners, finishing with a flick. Use the green eyeliner shade along the lower lash line to finish.

Subtle Half Eyeliner Flick – Easy Step By Step MakeupTutorial For Beginners

This is the perfect eyeliner look for those who aren’t too confident with a full eyeliner style. Starting with a beautiful and natural base colour, sweep it right across the eyelid for a glowing look. Use your eyeliner to draw a line from the eyebrow to the outer lash line, then use a brush to smudge the line to get this amazing smokey effect. Only take the line towards the middle of the eye for this look, not the full way.