8 Makeup Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Who doesn’t need new makeup hacks every now and then? Having trouble curling your eyelashes? How about dealing with static hair? No problem, there are makeup hacks for that and so much more. Keep reading for 15 makeup hacks that will make your life so much easier!

Don’t say goodbye to your mascara yet.

Your favourite mascara is drying out and you can’t afford a new one at the moment? We all know the drill of getting to the end of the month completely broke. Just get some eye drops and pop a few drops in your mascara tube and you have your problem solved.

Curl your eyelashes faster with blow dryer.

Be careful with this one! The trick is to warm your curler a bit with a blowdryer to curl your lashes way faster. This will save you that extra time in the morning and make you look more awake.

Dry shampoo at night.

Applying dry shampoo at night saves time and guarantees you a much better effect. It is one of the easiest makeup hacks too! If you apply your dry shampoo and go to bed, the movements made during the night will help the product to sink in your scalp and hair and remove all the oils more efficiently, plus you will wake up with loads of volume.

Cut split ends by twisting your hair.

We all know that hair cuts can be expensive and also that hairstylists tend to get a bit too excited when it comes to cutting our hair. So why not taking complete control of the situation and cut your hair yourself? Split your hair in different sections and twist them until you have all the split ends sticking out, then just grab a scissors and cut them off. There, no more post hairdresser depressions.

A cotton t shirt, your new best friend.

Ever thought of using a cotton t shirt instead of a regular hair towel? Well… It is the best thing ever, it cuts out the frizz completely and makes your hair much more smoothed and tamed.

Ice cube as a primer.

Rub an ice cube on your face: this will help close your pores, clean your skin and activate the circulation and make you look awake. Also you can keep the ice cube on your dark circles area to reduce them. It’s a massive win!

Translucent powder for bigger lashes.

Struggling because you want bigger lashes and you don’t have the time to put on some falsies every day? Worry not, this hack will save your life. Between coats of mascara apply some translucent powder. This will thicken your eyelashes making the look fuller and with more volume.