This Guy Hits His Girlfriend; Watch What He Gets In Return!

In high temper, this guy lost his control and tries to beat his girlfriend in public.  While fighting in the public, they left their control on their tongue and hands. After some time, something very weird and strange happened. The whole incident was getting filmed and they didn’t have any clue about it. The man suddenly started blaming her that she had been cheating on him; in response, she was trying to end the relationship.

This amazing video went viral in which a man is beating his girlfriend you know why? You will see a real superman in the video, who stepped into the video to save their relationship. Wanna see? Scroll down!

They Were Talking Normally Suddenly Man Started Reacting Badly

Man is Looking Very Frustrated and The Lady Seems Disappointed

Boy's hand gestures Begin to get tossed around.

The Girl is Trying to Protect Her Because The conversation Was Getting Worse.

It Seems He is Going to Swing His Punch On Her

Suddenly He Got Punched By A Superman!

Now You Can Judge it is a Stunt!

This Stunt Was Filmed to Spread Awareness About Domestic Violence

A huge percentage of people will suffer a domestic assault in their lifetimes, and this film was attempting to get that serious cause to light.

Don't Forget To Watch This Video

We need to learn that every time Superheros will not come to save, so we need to learn self defence.